What To Do If Eyebrow Tinting is Too Dark

So you colored your brows and already regret it? It appears overly gloomy and diametrically opposed to how you may have pictured them to be.

Though they are temporary, tinted brows will last you 3–4 weeks. However, it is quicker to lighten or eliminate the pigment from your brows. That is, of course, if it is done appropriately and with the proper strategy.

Your brow tint will naturally fade to the desired shade in 5-9 days if you use your normal cleansing routine with proper moisturization and hydration,

But you can lighten and even remove your brow tint at a faster rate with a few easy home remedies. For instance:

  • Bleach
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Oil-based remover
  • Facial toner
  • Few home remedies, like lemon juice

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How to easily Lighten Eyebrow Tint At Home If It Is too Dark

On how to get rid of brow tint, there are numerous suggestions. However, consideration must be exercised while cleaning delicate skin areas; no cleaning product should be chosen at random and used.

I’ll provide some tips with you below that are both efficient and quite safe for the brow region. Depending on your desire, these techniques will enable you to either lessen or remove the brow tint.

Silicon-Based And Oil-Based Remover

The tint pigments are broken down by both oil- and silicone-based removers, making it simple to remove the color from the hair shaft.

  • Use an oil- or silicone-based makeup remover to dampen a cotton pad.
  • After that, lightly stroke your brows. The pigments will soften as a result.
  • Depending on what you want, keep rubbing the pigments until they are either lightened or removed. In this article you will learn How To Remove Eyebrow Tint Immediately

Clarifying shampoo

Clarifying shampoos function by removing buildups from the hair that are brought on by natural ingredients and oil. This explains why they are so successful in removing the pigments that are present on the hair shaft.

  • Using lukewarm water, foam the shampoo up.
  • It will ultimately break down the tint products on the hair and skin of the brows if you gently massage it into the brows and wait a few minutes.
  • Rinse with water that is at room temperature.
  • Replicate this procedure till the lightness is as desired.
  • Using a clean towel, pat dry.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is frequently used as a cleaning agent for many cleaning hacks. However, as the skin might become irritated and flaky, this treatment is not advised for those with extremely dry and sensitive skin.

  • You start by combining a little bit of shampoo with baking soda.
  • Mix until the mixture resembles a thick paste.
  • We generously apply this paste to our brows, coating both the skin and the hair.
  • Avoid violently rubbing it into the hairs; instead, use your fingertips to gently work it in. Allow them to sit for no more than five minutes (this will help loosen the pigment, allowing it to fade faster).
  • Wash brows gently with water that is at room temperature. Read this article for more on How to Remove Eyebrow Tint at Home.

Lemon Juice

Citric acid, which is present in lemon juice and is an acidic solution, is a popular ingredient in many cleaning solutions. For those with sensitive skin, this is better.

  • To get started, squeeze a small amount of lemon juice into a dry, clean container.
  • The lemon juice should be applied on a cotton pad.
  • Apply the lemon juice on your eyebrows gently (Avoiding contact with eyes).
  • Spend about 5-7 minutes outside in the sun. Citric acid opens up your hair cuticles when exposed to sunlight, removing the top layer of pigment.
  • Rinse your brows gently with water that is at room temperature.
  • Just keep in mind that the longer the lemon juice sits on your brows, the more the fading effect will occur, causing your color to diminish. Someone talked about using toothpaste to remove Eyebrows tint does it work? Read this article to find out. Does toothpaste remove eyebrow tint

Facial Toner

Facial toners contain additional cleansing properties ideal for thorough cleaning.

  • Pick up a clean cotton pad and spritz it with some toner.
  • Wipe it gently onto the brows in the direction of hair development.
  • Now carefully wipe in the opposite direction, away from the direction that hair grows. A gentle wipe is preferable.
  • Continue the process until you get the desired results.
  • The formulae and components of different facial toners make a difference. It is best to select toners that are either oil- or water-based as long as they are hydrating enough to prevent skin dryness.
  • While toners with alcohol as an ingredient can quickly dry up your skin, making the tint look even harsh and lifeless. Follow this link to learn Does Eyebrow Tinting look Natural? Plus what you can do about!

Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Put some petroleum jelly underneath your brows (this creates a barrier preventing the hydrogen peroxide from getting into contact with the eyes).
  • In the hydrogen peroxide, dunk a cotton swab.
  • Apply with caution and pat your eyebrows with circular strokes until they are thoroughly covered.
  • For 15 to 30 minutes, let it sit on your brows.
  • Using a clean piece of cloth, carefully wipe it off now.
  • Since hydrogen peroxide is transparent, you can use it to track the progression of the fading stages.
  • Enabling you to determine when to clear it off.

Use Facial Bleach

It’s advisable to leave eyebrow bleaching to a professional and only use it as a last resort. However, proceed with caution if your purple eyebrows are making it impossible for you to face tomorrow’s job interview. First-aid hydrogen peroxide, which is frequently found in facial bleaches, is harmless, but you must be careful not to get it too close to your eyes. Follow the instructions to the letter and gently brush this product into your brows.

Dyed your brows too dark? Try these tips to tame the tint

The appropriate shade must be achieved when tinting your brows to avoid appearing and feeling a little out of place. Going to a professional is usually a good place to start, but even then, mistakes can happen.

Take five Days and Breathe

The number one rule for eyebrow tinting is to not stress about the immediate dark color. Eyebrow dye always fades within the first week due to the skin’s natural oils and regular showering/cleansing.

Is it your skin or your eyebrows?

The amount of dye pigment that has remained on the skin behind the eyebrow hairs is the second thing you should be mindful of.

Use an oily (or silicone-based) makeup remover and a makeup pad to gently wipe away the extra dye from the skin beneath. You’re on the correct track if a brown residue is still visible on the pad. When dry, this should at least one shade to lessen the color.

Homemade Remedies

There is a homemade solution that some people use to remove hair dye if the dye still won’t come out or if you’ve waited a short while and your eyebrows are still too dark. Baking soda and regular shampoo should be combined 1:1 to form a thick paste.

Apply the paste with a foundation brush, let it sit for a few minutes, and then rinse (the thicker the hair, the more baking soda). Remember that it can require several attempts. You might also find Eyebrow Tinting With Hair Dye – How and Which is Best? to be interesting.