Nigerian Singer Tems Faces Backlash and Death Threats Amid Pregnancy Rumors, Shifts Focus Back to Music Career

Lagos, Nigeria – [12..2023]

In a turn of events, Nigerian singer Tems found herself entangled in controversy earlier this year when rumors emerged suggesting that she was pregnant with Future’s child. The speculations, sparked by a video that led some to believe she was concealing a baby bump, were promptly refuted by the artist.

Addressing the gossip in a humorous social media post, Tems lightheartedly dismissed the rumors, saying, “In conclusion, you people are all mad!”

However, during her recent appearance on the “Drive Time Show” for The Beat 99.9 FM in Lagos on Wednesday (Dec. 13), Tems disclosed the unexpected and severe backlash she experienced as a result of the rumor. Expressing her surprise, she stated, “I didn’t actually think anybody believed it. I didn’t know it was serious. I didn’t know until I started getting messages, like death threats. Like, ‘How dare you? Of all the people in the world, Future? Really? Really, of all the people?’ And I’ve never even — I’ve never met him in my life. So, it’s crazy.”

Tems on the radio
Tems on the radio

Undeterred by the unfounded controversy, Tems has refocused on her thriving music career. In February, she earned a Grammy for her feature on Future’s “Wait For U,” which sampled her song “Higher.” Notably, she received a Best Original Song Oscar nomination for “Lift Me Up,” performed by Rihanna for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and garnered recognition for her work on Beyoncé’s RENAISSANCE.

Beyond these high-profile collaborations, Tems released “Me & U” in October, marking her first new song in two years, followed by “Not An Angel” earlier this month. Describing the latter track, she said, “This song is about knowing your worth and moving on in life from anything holding you back.” “Not An Angel” was written entirely by Tems and co-produced with Sarz, serving as her second solo release since 2021’s If Orange Was a Place EP.

While an upcoming project hasn’t been officially confirmed, Tems expressed her artistic aspirations in an Interview Magazine feature with Kendrick Lamar, stating, “I want to make music that makes me pull my heart out, and if I can’t do that, I don’t want anything. I would rather do that and be broke than compromise. I didn’t really care about the money. It’s not that money is bad. Money is very good. But for me, even right now, I’m chasing a frequency.”

Tems continues to captivate audiences with her unique sound and unwavering dedication to her artistic vision, despite facing unwarranted controversies.