When Did Nail polish come out?

When Did Nail polish come out

The first modern-day nail polish came out in 1916, and it originated by getting inspiration from automobile paints. However, the first brand of nail polish started in 1932 by Revlon when they released cream color. Moreover, there are different invention periods for acrylic nails, colorless nail polish, colored nail paint, and gel nail polish. So, let’s see how these nail polishes come out in different regions.

The Fascinating History of Nail polish from 3200 BC to today

 When did it begin? Early Varnishes:

 It is said that in 3200 BC, warriors in Babylonia spent hours on nail manicures and colors before going off to battle. They used black kohl to color the nails because it was known as a symbol of status. Furthermore, it was said that their nail colors distinguished their class rank. For instance, the upper class uses beeswax, Arabic gum, and egg whites for nail color, while those who rule the regime may use the red color.

Queen loves Red Nails: 50BC

Nefertiti and Cleopatra preferred the red color, which was famous in ancient Egypt. The red shade for nails originated from henna pigment when Nefertiti dipped her entire hand in henna for red paint over the nails.

Nail Art Game by Adding Pictures of Eagle: 1500 BC

 Aztecs and Incas started upping the nail art game by using sticks and natural dyes. Moreover, they used different nail designs that feature their cultures and motives. Thus in this era, nail art was started.

Tinting creams and buffing

In the Victorian era, women created color using tinted creams and clear varnishes. They used tinted cream polishes on nails to give them shine and even mild buff for glowing the nails. However, the application of the colored powder and then buffing of each nail was time taking, so 1916 clear lacquer nail polish was originated by cutex to minimize the time for applying polish over nails.

 The First Nail Salon: 1878

E.Cobb first learned the nail manicure, and then she redeveloped the process and opened the first-ever nail salon in 1878 with the title of “Mrs. Pray’s Manicure”. She later opened another salon in America, and then the birth of nail polish brands started from her first step.

The invention of Clear Nail polish:1916

Back in 1911, a cuticle remover was called cutex. He introduced many other nail polish products, like clear nail lacquer. The company was introduced in 1916 and referred to as nail enamel. However, later rose-tinted nail polish and various other colored polishes were also introduced in the cutex company.

 First liquid nail polish: 1925

However, the first liquid nail polishes came out in 1925, inspired by the shine on automobiles. Then finally, after the introduction of glossy and liquid nail polish, the first nail polish brand was launched by Revlon, and they sold various nail colors.

The invention of Modern-Day Nail polish: 1932

It all started when a French makeup artist, Michelle, took the shiny finish on cars as her inspiration. So, after getting inspiration from brightening paint on automobiles, modern nail paint was introduced, and today is known as Revlon. This is an interesting magazine full of nail polish and other beauty products. >Revon 1932 Magazin.

When Acrylics come out: 1957

Acrylic nails were introduced by the dentist, and they originated in 1957. A dentist used dental acrylic to repair a broken nail, and then he realized acrylic. It was invented when a Frederick dentist broke a nail at work and then patched it. He used aluminum foil and dental acrylic in his lab and, in turn, made a faux nail that looked like a natural nail. These nails were today known as acrylic nails and have been widely used by salons and at home. However, the creation of acrylic nails paved the way for the invention of hard gel, soak-off gel, and gel polish which are now commonly used in salons.

 When Gel nails & Dip Nails polish come out: 1980

In the early 1980es, during the invention of gel nail polish in the US for the first time, it did not gain much success. Because the manufacturers of gel lights and the gel itself do not match the chemistry, they did not recognize the exact intensity of mixing gel light and the application of gel polishes. However, it was noticed that the wrong mixing of gel polish and gel light is poor over the nail client’s fingertips, so it did not get much success. Thus, companies finished off their gel products from the market in 80es but again, with a rich formula of use, they came back in the 90es.

Additionally, gel polishes appeared in the 2000s with more clarity and durability in various forms. By 2017, 86% of salons offered gel polish and extensions to the users.

1990: Popularity of dark nail polish

 The era of Modern nail polish

 In 1990es, the black and red pigments mixture produced the iconic dark nail polish, worn by both men and women, depicting the vampy look. However, dark nail polishes were a popular form of self-expression for the women with grunge culture taken off.

Matte Nail polish & DIY Nail Art: 2009

 In 2009, the biggest matte nail polish brand came out with its own matte collection, including matte nail polishes and matte top coats. After that, however, matte nails turned off into nail art featuring studs and stones. Moreover, nail art accessories and matte nail polish evolved online access to people.

Polish Layers trends: 2016

 Various layers of nail polishes over the nails became trendy in 2017es, and it gained popularity through YouTubers, who challenged their subscribers to use multiple layers of nail polishes.

At-Home Manicure kits: 2020

 In 2020, even in the era of pandemic and lockdown, nail care and nail kit for manicures were popular and available online via various salons and companies. However, DIY nail trends at home by using nail kits remain popular now and even in the coming time. Manicures at home and an application of acrylics and nail polishes will be more satisfactory at home because many makeup artists are going to teach these uses via their online channels.

 To Sum It up, Colorful History Nail polish

In brief, the colorful history of nail polish tells us that it won’t be wrong that nail polish was the most critical part of women’s styles, status, and beauty. The invention of polishes has become popular over time, and new variations are taking place today instead of older clear nail polish lacquer. More on the history of nail polish and nail paint colors.

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