Kiss Semi Permanent Hair Color Directions

Kiss Semi Permanent Hair Color Directions

A preliminary allergy test should be made before each time using this product. Apply a small amount of product inside the elbow and leave it uncovered and undisturbed for 48 hours. If any irritation, redness, burning, or itching occurs, then you may be allergic to this product. Apply Kiss onto shampooed, towel-dried hair 1/8″ away from the scalp and process for at least 15 minutes. For more intense pigmentation, leave on hair for longer, for up to an hour. Rinse thoroughly and enjoy your new

 Kiss Semi-permanent hair color

is easy to use and to get a vibrant hair color for a long time. However, before applying it over the hair must follow the application instructions to get the best results. So, let’s take a glance at its details!

  • KissSemi-Permanent Hair Color
  • How to Use: Application Process
  • Use Semi Permanent Hair Color without the Developer
  • Vibrant ways to make Kiss semi-permanenthair color last longer
  • How long do your Kiss semi-permanentdyes last?
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Semi-permanent Hair dye at Home
  • Few Other Vibrant ways to make hair color bright
  • Instructions to use
  • About this product

Kiss Semi-Permanent Hair Color

For people who want to boldly color their hair without sacrificing the health of their hair, Tintation is a semi-permanent hair color treatment. There are a whopping 48 vibrant, mixable hues to select from, so the possibilities are unlimited!

 It is protective of relaxed or natural hair. Further, produced without the use of ammonia, peroxide, or sulfates and is easy to use for every type of hair.

To make sure that your hair is not just colorful but also healthy and conditioned, Kiss’s semi-permanent hair color is made with natural substances.

Instead of using distilled water as our first ingredient, the use of aloe Vera water in it increases the therapeutic effects. Proteolytic enzymes and amino acids included in aloe Vera water help to repair damaged skin cells and maintain a healthy pH balance on the scalp. Additionally, Keratin, the main protein present in hair, and aloe Vera water share a similar chemical composition.

About this Product

  • Go bold while keeping your hair strong with our conditioning color dyes.  Kiss semi-permanent hair color is formulated with Aloe Vera Water, Argan Oil, Keratin, Olive Oil, and Collagen for maximum hair health.
  • Kiss is a Semi-Permanent Hair Color Treatment for those who wish to be bold with their hair without compromising hair health. With 48 mixable, vivid colors to choose from the color possibilities are endless!
  • Kiss semi-permanent hair color is formulated with natural ingredients to ensure that your hair is not only vibrant but also healthy and conditioned.
  • Its first ingredient is Aloe Vera Water instead of distilled water to maximize treatment and conditioning benefits.
  • Aloe Vera Water contains Proteolytic enzymes and Amino acids that repair dead cells on the scalp and maintains an optimal pH balance.
  • Other conditioning agents include Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Collagen, and Keratin.

Instructions to use

While you shouldn’t color your hair right after washing it, you also don’t want your strands to be utterly filthy or oily. Use the Shampoo to wash your hair the day before coloring to rid your scalp of any product buildup, dirt, or oil. For delicate strands, be sure to finish with water.

 How to Use: Application Process

  • Before using this product for the first time, a preliminary allergy test should be performed.
  • Apply a small amount of the product to the inside of the elbow and let it be there for 48 hours without touching it.
  • You might be allergic to this product if any itchiness, burning, redness, or irritation develops.
  • Apply Kiss Colors Semi-Permanent 1/8″ away from the scalp to shampoo and towel-dried hair, and let it sit for at least 15 minutes.
  • Leave on hair for a longer period—up to an hour—for more strong coloring.
  •  Enjoy your new hair color after a thorough rinse.

 Use Semi Permanent Hair Color without the Developer

No, semi-permanent hair dye is formulated to be applied directly after opening the bottle.  So, kiss semi-permanent hair color is intended to apply directly over hairs with the addition of any developer or chemical. Thus, there is no need to add a developer with semi-permanent hair color for applying over hair.

 Vibrant ways to make Kiss semi-permanent hair color last longer

You can follow these methods to ensure that your color remains brilliant for a longer period:

  • Reduce your shampooing frequency to significantly extend the life of your color.
  • Use cold water to moisten and rinse your hair after shampooing. Your hair’s color is removed by hot water.
  • Use sulfate-free shampoo exclusively. Sulfates frequently remove color.
  • Limit your use of heat styling.
  • Reduce your time spent swimming in the ocean and pool.
  • To deposit color each time you condition your hair and combine any leftover dye with conditioner.

How long do your Kiss semi-permanent dyes last?

Your results may differ depending on which of our semi-permanents you use. How well you take care of your hair will also influence how long the colors last. So, follow these tricks or time schedules for washing to maintain the hair color and for care:

  • Tinting: 8 to 12 washes can protect your hair color, but if you wash frequently, you need to recolor your hair.
  • Express: 30 maximum washes for lasting color
  • 8–12 washes for a quick cover of your hair color

 Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Semi-permanent Hair dye at Home

 If the salon is far away from your home, you can apply the semi-permanent hair dye at home. And you do not need to worry because here are detailed instructions to apply over the hair at home.

Use on wet hair

The hair shaft is open when your hair is moist. Towel-dried hair will take semi-permanent hair color better because there isn’t any ammonia in it. Additionally, you’ll need less dye, which is fantastic for those of us with extremely long or thick hair, and it will aid with a more even application (so there won’t be as many splotchy areas).

Avoid shampooing

Recall that a wet hair shaft equals an open shaft. You don’t want to wash out the vivid color you just applied to your hair. Instead, shampoo your hair and pat it dry with a towel before coloring. Simply rinse the hair color out after application, then condition it usually. (Caution: Only semi-permanent hair colors are covered by this.) This will enable the hair color to penetrate your hair.

Keep it shining

Choose sulfate-free shampoos that are color friendly to prolong the life of your color. Additionally, particularly if you’ve gone reading, seek shampoos that are suited to your color. Make careful use of cool water to rinse your hair.

 Few Other Vibrant ways to make hair color bright

  • Wait at least 72 hours before shampooing after using the new color.
  •  Avoid shampooing your hair every day.
  • Use colder water to rinse your hair.
  • Look into color-depositing products.
  • Avoid heat styling
  • Reduce the amount of sun exposure to your hair.