How To Use Dry Nail Polish

Take dry nail polish strips of your favorite color and design, and then separate a set of nail strips of the correct size for each nail.  Shape the nails, then apply the dry nail strips on each nail by trimming to fix firmly. Rub with your fingers to press the strips on the nails and when you notice that the nail strips are fixed, finally apply the topcoat of shining nail strip over the base coat strip gently.  If there is an excess strip on the skin around the nails, use the nail bladder to remove the extra strip from the edges.


There are also two more ways to use professionally dry nail polish at home.

The 4-step process to use Dry Nail polish

Use the dry nail polish professionally at home by ensuring the following items for the application of polish:

  • Cotton
  • Lint-free wipes
  • Nail File
  • Nail buffer and brush
  • Orangewood stick
  • Detail brush
  • Pure acetone
  • Bowl

1: Shape and scrub the nails

 This first step ensures the long-lasting result of nail polish. It is designed to moisturize, clean, and sensitize the nails before applying the dry nail polish.  What you have to do in this step; is simply scrub your nails with soap and water because if the oil, dirt, and lotion are on your nails, then the dry polish will not adhere. While soaking, use the clean nail brush for each nail scrubbing, and then rinse your fingertips in water to remove the soap.

 Then use a lint-free pad per hand and saturate them with lint-free wipes. Scrub the lint-free wipes on the nails gently for a few seconds.  It is crucial to use lint-free wipes to remove the little irritating fibers from your nails.  If you feel that your nails don’t have annoying little fibers, you can simply use the round cotton to dust off the moisture and dirt from your nails.

Finally, you have done the shape and scrubbing process of nails. Don’t touch your nails with your fingertips because it will transfer the oil or moisture to the nails, which may cause premature chipping.

2: Apply Base Coat

 After cleansing the nails, it’s time to precede the dry nail polish carefully. The base coat should be like water and if you notice that the base coat of your kit becomes cloudy, then place the base coat polish bottle in hot water for a minute. Remember that water doesn’t enter the bottle because it may contaminate or discard the polish.  When you see that the base coat is like water, then apply the base coat to the nails. Dip the clean nail brush into the bottle, swipe one side of your brush on the inner neck of the bottle, and allow the excess product to flow back into the bottle.  Don’t apply too much heavy base coat on nails. If you get a base coat coming in contact with skin, clean it up right away with the detail brush or the orange wood stick dipped in pure acetone.

 You can also use the cleaner brush or angled eyeliner brush to remove the base coat from the skin around the nails.  Further, if you have a free edge, that’s the white part of your nail beyond the tip, encapsulate each nail by running the brush tip along your nail tip. But if your nails are short, you can skip the encapsulation process.

Dry nail polish comes with the quality that it contains no carcinogens and dries faster within minutes. So, when you complete the first base coat layer on the ten nails, the first nail will be dry.

Now after drying the first layer, which will dry naturally with air, with no need of a fan or any other tool, then apply the second layer of base coat generously. Notice the second layer of the base coat is not quite as matte as the first layer. Don’t touch the nails with your fingertips to check the dryness of base coat layers because it may cause premature chipping.

3: Apply the gorgeous colored coat

 After completing the base coat layers, it’s time to apply the dry-colored glitters.  Before this step, put down the cloth to protect the surface you are working on. You can use the colored coat without streaking or disrupting the base coat layers because it has the quality to dry quickly without damaging the nail design.

To apply the colored coat, fill the brush with more polish, put minimal pressure on the brush and work with the tip of the brush for best results.  Before usage, shake the dry nail polish well, dip the brush into the bottle, swipe the inner neck of the bottle, and allow the excess product to just flow back into the bottle. Now apply the dry nail polish with medium consistency on the nails; not apply too thin and not too thick.   keep a small margin between brush and cuticle while using, and push the brush toward your cuticle to form a guideline.  Then run the brush down both sides of the nail and finally smooth out any imperfections. Avoid contact with skin to prevent cracking.

 4: Top Coat with Dry Nail Polish

 The top coat smooths all the polish imperfections, so never forget to apply the top coat whenever you apply dry nail polish.  There is no need to de-cloud like a base coat to apply the top coat. Simply use the tip of the brush to glide over and avoid contact with alcohol-based products because it does dull the top coat. If your manicure does dull, simply touch the one layer of the base coat followed by one layer of the top coat. So, this is the complete process of using dry nail polish to give an attractive look to your nails like traditional polish. Here you don’t need to wait 24 hours to dry the polish and fuse it together. You don’t need dry drops or light to dry it, and it also not only smudges your nails but gives you a life back.

2: Simple & Quick way to Use Dry Nail polish

 Another simple and quick way to use the dry nail polish to make a sophisticated personality is as follows:

The dry nail polish kit contains everything needed for applying to nails. First, open the kit and select the dry nail strips of the correct size for each nail. Peel off the protective backing of the polish strip and place it smoothly on a dry nail. Rub the strip with a nail buffer to secure and fix on a nail, and just repeat this process for each nail. This is how you can use dry nail polish to give final look to your nails, just like traditional nail polish.

Dry nail polish often comes in dry strips in various patterns, graphic prints, and solid colors. Use the polish carefully; so that it can last long more than 2 weeks.

To Sum It Up!

Like traditional nail polish, dry polish requires three steps; base coat, colored coat, and top coat, but here you can apply the polish strips for each coat. It completely dries within 5 minutes and is smudge-proof after applying the top coat. You can get the instant fancy look of your nails with these base coat, colored, and top coat strips. Even peel the edge of nail polish off gently from a corner when the polish dries completely.