How To Apply Acrylic Powder At Home

How To Apply Acrylic Powder At Home

Have you ever wondered how to apply acrylic powder or faced a challenging situation to how do I apply acrylic powder at home? In this article, I will show you How. First, you need to add an artificial nail tip and use the acrylic to form the nail. Next, press the acrylic over the nail for 10-20 seconds, then file the edges and apply the topcoat or polish color of your choice on the acrylic nails.

It’s a simple way to apply acrylic powder; however, for practicing powder at home, you all need to have a few supplies from a drugstore and a bit of patience. 

Here are more detailed ways listed to use acrylic powder at home. Let’s take a look at them!

  • Collect the stuff you need for the application
  • Prep your nail properly
  • Putting on the acrylics
  • Applying the acrylic to the nails
  • Let the Acrylic Dry Naturally
  • Clearing up your nails
  • Another way to apply acrylic powder yourself
  • Choose the high-quality monomer
  • Choose the suitable acrylic powder

A Beginner’s guide to applying acrylic nails at home

If you are one of them, who would like to get your nails done every two weeks but don’t want to invest money in them, then this acrylic nail way of applying them on nails is perfect for you. Here is the guidance on using acrylic powder nails at home, step-by-step.

1: Collect the stuff you need for the application

 Before buying anything, remember to buy the quality products over the cheaper ones to take care of your nails. Most of the supplies from the acrylic nail supplies kit won’t have to be purchased again, so buy the acrylic supplies kit wisely. The best thing to do is get your acrylic powder kit

acrylic nail tip, nail tips glue, acrylic nail clippers, acrylic nail files, acrylic nail liquid, acrylic powder, a brush, and a bowl for mixing the liquid. You should complete the acrylic nail supplies kit because these all are essential accessories for applying gently acrylic powder nails at home.

2: Prep your nail properly

Before applying the acrylic powder at home, you need to prepare the nails for application. For instance, by removing the old nail polish, you can use acetone-based nail polish remover for nail cleaning. After removing the old polish, you have to trim or cut the nails to a manageable length because it will make it easier to apply the acrylic powder. Next, you need to use the nail buffer to make the nail surface rough or less shining for sticking the acrylics over the nails. However, you must push back your cuticles to apply the acrylic properly over the nails instead of the skin. You can use the wooden cuticle pusher to push back the cuticles, then soak them in water to soften them.

Finally, use the nail primer or rub the nail surface with acetone; it is crucial because it removes the excess oil and enables the nail surface to stick to the acrylics.

3: Putting on the acrylics

 Pick the nail tips right of your nail size, add some glue to the bottom half of the nail tip and apply it to the bottom of your nail. You need to hold the nail tip for 10 seconds to make the nail glue dry. Next, gently apply the nail tips to all your ten fingernails, and then cut down the length of the nail tips of your choice.

Next, prepare the acrylic material. First, add the acrylic liquid & powder into separate acrylic dishes. Now dip the acrylic brush into the liquid and then push it away into powder in another bowl. Next, wipe the brush against the acrylic powder bowl to remove the excess oil, and then again run the soft brush through the acrylic powder.

4: Applying the Acrylic to the nails

 Finally, it’s time to apply the acrylic to the nails. Apply the small acrylic ball near the cuticle and hold the brush onto the nails. Next, even out the acrylic smoothly over the nails. Just swipe the brush onto the paper towel between polishing each nail to ensure that acrylic won’t stick over the polish brush. For covering the entire nail, you may need to put more acrylic, so repeat the process until you become happy with the coverage of acrylic over the nails.

5: Let the Acrylic Dry Naturally

 After gently applying the acrylics, it’s time to let the acrylic set naturally. So, leave the nails for 10 minutes without practicing anything more. The acrylic will be dry when the fingernails make the clicking noise over tapping.

6: Clearing up your nails

 It is the time to shape up your nails, so for shaping, you can use the coarse nail file. After shaping the nails, you should apply the nail polish of your choice over acrylic nails. For polishing the nails, use the top coat over the nails. Finally, now you are done with your acrylic nails.

After 2-3 weeks, acrylics grow out and need more coverage, so reapply the more acrylic or remove the acrylic from nails.

7: Another way to apply acrylic powder yourself

 Practicing the acrylic powder at home itself is easy. But, first, you need to learn the liquid-to-powder ratio and how to build the perfect bead.

You should get the acrylic powder, a polymer, and also the monomer, which is liquid. The monomer reacts with powder to create a powerful nail extension that air dries and can last up to three weeks. Acrylic powders are typically available in different colors, for instance, sheer color, copper color, and color powders. What’s more, glitter powders are almost used for every single set. So, after knowing about acrylic nails, now you need to have a few products to apply gently. The application tools are:

  • Acrylic powder
  • Colored acrylic powder
  • A monomer that will react with the powder
  • An acrylic brush( for beginners, 12-14 sizes are best)

Further, it would help a lot if you had a dehydrator, a primer, nail glue, nail file, buffer blocks, and a topcoat (it could be a gel or colored topcoat) for application.

 8: Choose the high-quality monomer

When choosing a monomer, keep one thing in mind; never use the monomer with the MMA or HEMA as primary ingredients. The monomer with these ingredients causes burning, irritation, and even damage the nail bed. Further, the monomers with MMA or HEMA will yellow your nail bed, are difficult to remove, and even cause irritation over the nail surface.

The second thing is to use the monomer with a purple tint because it will work perfectly to build your nail. While other monomers may cause yellowing on the top of white and pastel colors, the purple monomer is the best, non-yellowing to nails. Try to buy the monomer which contains the ingredient EMA.

 9: Choose the suitable acrylic powder

 Get the perfect acrylic powder that is smooth and buttery instead of crumbly. The buttery qualities of acrylic powder enable it to intervene with the mixture. 

The Bottom line

For applying the acrylic powder at home, you don’t need too much stuff to get for application. You only need spare time and enough ventilated area to use the acrylic powder nail at home. Just clean the nails, push the cuticles back, apply the perfect ratio of powder and liquid over the nails, and choose the right size of nail tip of manageable length. Finally, shape the nail tips and apply the colored polish or topcoats over the nails.

Applying the acrylic powder is simple and even can be done in 4-5 easy steps. So you can save more money and time going to the salon for acrylic powder application. Just make sure the trials are enough before applying over the nails. Using acrylic powder nails at home is perfect for the natural look of nails for about 2-3 weeks.