How Many Coats of Nail Polish Is Too Much

how many coats of nail polish is too much


Four coats of nail polish is too much! Two coats of nail polish is best, but adding one more top coat separately can help you fix any smudging. The nail polish might start smudging on your skin which you should fix right away   Coating your nails adds flavor to your nails! There is nothing wrong with being artistic, but if you want a stable foundation you have to make sure you use the right amount and cover all the bases.  It’s never a good thing to overcoat and it is very time consuming if you keep adding more things to your nails.  If you are artistic with your nails it is very important you use a base coat for your nails, especially the type of base coat that removes nail polish so you will have an easier time when you want to remove everything.

Do you dislike chipping?  Then, you really should not overcoat your base coating, you face the risk of clumping your nails.  It makes it look too heavy and a little bit unattractive. 

1  Apply a base coat

Your base coat is like a shield for your nails, before putting nail polish on your nails it’s very important to use a base coat.  If you regularly go to a salon this will lighten the load for the person that is giving you the manicure.  Base coat keeps your nails from turning yellow!  Without a base coat it is a little hard to remove nail polish residue from your nails, this means that the person will have to use a lot more acetone to remove any residue you may have on your nails.  Some people do not like to wear base coats but if you like to change nail styles regularly, you will find that using a base coat is much more convenient, your nail polish will last longer, and easier to remove.  Some nails may start to chip off because there was no base coat!  Protect your nails and protect yourself, you may find it tedious to add a base coat but it is very important to do.  If you had a bad experience with a base coating product, just know they’re not all terrible, make sure you find the one that is right for you.

2 Find the right base coat for your nails

There are many different types of base coats, for example, if you have uneven nails then a ridge filler type of base coat would be best for you to use.  If you like to change your nails often and do different styles once in a while then a peel off type of base coat would be ideal for you, that way it is easier to peel everything off when you want to change nail polish.  There are also base nail polish that cover all your bases such as it smooths, hardens, brightens, fills ridges, protects, rehydrates, conditions and more. You just have to find the correct product that works for you and fulfills your needs, be sure to use the right amount of base coating and avoid bubbles, practice your brushing skills, don’t brush too heavy or too soft, after using the base coat make sure to give your nails time to dry, then you can do another set of coating, but more than three coating in one setting is never a good idea.  It is understood that some people have thin or uneven nails, and that may cause you concern and make you think you need to add more coating to the nails.  If you do not have a manicure base in a bottle to use, you can simply do two or three base coatings to cover all their cuticles and smooth the edges.

3 Take care of your nails after coating

Now your nails will be looking good, you also have to take care of those nails, that means you should not neglect to clean them and give them time to breathe, do not be in a rush when you’re coating, you have to take breaks in between.  You can do two or three nails in one hand and move to the other hand with the same type of regiment.  In between that time the other hand will have time to dry before you do another coating, if you decide to do another coating, at least two but no more than three coating is alright. If you’re very impatient or in a rush, you have to find what’s best.  Do you want quick results or do you want your nails to look good?  Most people would want the best option!  Unless you are doing this for artistic purposes; it’s good to know the reason behind why a person would want a manicure, depending on the answer that person will have to choose the style or product they think would be best for them to use.  If you’re using artificial nails, they’re still your nails, you still should do everything you can to preserve those nails.

4 No smudging allowed

Give your neils time to dry and do not touch them to check if they are dry yet.

Can you imagine having so many soldiers in a castle, to the point where there isn’t enough space to accommodate all of them?  That is exactly what you are doing when you overcoat!  Two to three coats of base nail polish is enough, any more than that and you would just be creating a mess.  One hand at a time and working on two to three fingers at a time is pretty good, this gives one hand plenty of time to dry off while working on something else.  Take advantage of this, do not hesitate to work from one hand to the next.  When overcoating your nails you should not be surprised if you see smudges especially when you’re not giving your nails time to dry off. Any mistakes you make you should take care of right away.

5 Use the top coats – and brands

It’s important to use a top coat because it is not just to make the nails look good, but it also keeps your foundation together.  The top coat is the body.  If you want to use nude or white nail, it would be best to use a stain resistant type of top coat.  There are other types of top coats, such as mineral fusion top coats, which give your nail polish a high shine and it will give it a transparent type of look to it.  There are protective high gloss top coats nail polish, just as the name says, it gives your nail polish a high shine.  In addition, there are quick dry top coat nail polish, now this is something you can use if you’re in a rush and you want your nails to dry much faster.

Stain resistant top coats are very useful for nude nails or white nails, with a gloss type of top coat you would still get the support of stain resistance.  One of the key differences though with a gloss type of top coat and a stain resistance type, gloss is thinner in consistency.  Stain resistance is thinner in consistency it won’t add thickness or bulkiness, unless if you plan to use an artificial nail and use stain resistance, that would work, however your natural nail with gel polish won’t work with a stain resistance type of top coating.

Top coats generally help protect your nails from (UV) lights, or (LED) lights and any type of water you may touch after you’re finished with your manicure, it basically seals your whole foundation.  It is a necessary step to take as well for long lasting results.

To sum this up!

Hopefully these explanations were very easy and informative to you.  Feel free to re-read or go over the information again, because it is not an easy thing to read about something while doing it at the same time, go through the information and try it as you go, use what is best for you.  Avoid being lost and confused, it is very important that you know what you are doing. Making your nails glamorous is one thing, however, you also must take good care of them! Oakland Stores..