How To Use Nail Dip Powder With Tips at Home

How To Use Nail Dip Powder With Tips at Home

You can apply the dip powder with nail tips in the easiest way. Here is the step-by-step guide to using nail dip powder with tips.

  • Firstly, remove the natural shine from the nails, ensure to remove the extra natural glow, and then apply the artificial nail tip over the nails.
  •  Trim the artificial nail tips to your desired length and shape the nails. File the nail tip until it’s flush with the natural nail.
  •  Next, apply the bond to the natural nail. Then, apply the base to the connecting line and then dip it into natural powder at a 45-degree angle. 
  • Use base ¾ of the nail and steep into clean powder again at a 45-degree angle.
  •  Prepare your color powder and dip into desired color powder at a 45-degree angle, and then brush off excess powder.
  •  Use a base coat to the whole nail and repeat the same way for a second coat. Pour clear powder over the nail to ensure the color powder doesn’t contaminate the clear. Remove excess powder and apply seal protector and apply it to soak into the powder.
  •  You can tell if the nail is dry by gently tapping on it to see if the powder has hardened.
  •  Next, file, shape, and buff the nails; brush and clean with an alcohol wipe. 
  • Apply seal protection to the nail, then wipe with a lint-free wipe to even out the product. 
  • Apply top coat in thin, quick strokes, then allow drying for 2 minutes. 
  • Repeat the second coat and finish with nourish/cuticle oil, then gently massage upward.

Steps To Doing Dip Powder Nail – with Tip – at Home

 Here is the step-by-step guide on how to do dip powder nails with the tip at home. Let’s see how it can be done simply:

Push back your Cuticles

The first thing you must do is to push back the cuticles. If you don’t have a truly existing build-up of cuticles, you can use a metal pusher, but if you have a good amount of cuticles on your nail, then you can use the cuticle remover, a softener, or even an E- file. After you push back your cuticles, remove the shine from the nails.

Apply the Nail Tips

Next, pick your nail tip kit, take your tips and slide it over the nails. Next, take a pro base and use glue for the nail tip. Apply the glue to the bottom of the nail tip, place it on the nail and hold it for 31 seconds but it will also bit stuck faster than 30 seconds.

 After this, add a little more pro base underneath the nail tip. Now you are just done will all nail tips. Take the activator and put it over where the nails meet the tip. It dries pretty quickly within a few seconds.

 Shaping & Filing

Next, you need to move on to shaping and filing. You can also take scissors and cut the excess nail down.

 Take a nail file and go along the side of the nail to sharpen it up a little bit. Next, remove the shine from the tip onto the natural nail and just focus on the nail tip. Then take the dusting brush, wipe away the filings, and use this to dust off dip powder nails. Next, dehydrate the nails, and for this rub, the alcohol or acetone, or you may use the normal nail dehydrator.

 Apply the Pro Base and Clear Powder

Now you are near to applying the part of the nail tip where your natural nails will look natural.

So, use the pro base and clear powder for the next step. Apply the pro base to ¾ of the nail and then dip into the clear powder. When you do this, make sure to apply your pro base as even and smoothly as you can. You don’t want to stick a bunch of powder over the skin across the nail, so apply the soft brush to remove the excess powder and then lightly dust off the excess powder.

 Use the Shaded Coat and dipping powder

Now use the shaded coat, which you love as a pro base, and then again dip into powder.

You can use your finger or brush to flip the finger and tap off the excess powder. You can use your finger for taping your finger or brush. If your nails are long enough and the jar is not enough to fill them at a 45-degree angle at once, you can pour some powder over the nail’s top.

Again, please do the same thing, like flip it over off the excess and then use the brush to wipe the excess powder. Also, while doing dipping powder nails, put a paper towel over down because it does get a messy 

 Next, apply the pro base again and dip it into colored powder to make your nail just like natural nails. 

Apply the Activator over Nails

Before moving on, use the activator over the nails and let them dry for 2 minutes. Next, run a file across the edge of the nail, and just go straight across and up the side to make it a little neat. Moreover, you must file and run the cuticle at this step to prevent the bubbly effect. Must do with the filing of free edges and then use a buffing block just to smooth the rest of the nails.

Again Use Pro base & Dipping powder

Finally, it would be best if you ended by applying with a pro base and then dipping into clear powder because you don’t want to file too much while removing the dip color.

Protect your nail with a paper towel or lint-free wipe

After completing all the coats and filing, rinse your hands off with water, with no need for soap or something else, and then wait for a minute.

Lastly, take a lint-free paper towel, a lint-free wipe, or a makeup sponge and wipe off your nails. This is a vital step to protect your topcoat from being weird.

Last two coats of finishing gel

Then finally, apply the two coats of finishing gel. For the first coat, use only two-three strokes, and make your cap free edge and do this by taking a brush and sliding it across the nails. Now let it dry for a minute and then go with a second coat, so, for the second coat, you should be a little more precise. Again, cover the nails because it prevents you from going back over the same spot too many times. But over-brushing the nails gives you a bizarre look and may mess up your top coat.

Use Cuticle oil over nails

 Try it carefully without fixing it. After doing this, finally, the nail will dry, and then to remove the excess stroke over the cuticles, you can use the cuticle oil across the fingernails.