How To Improve Cibil Score After Personal Settlement

Cibil Score After Personal Settlement
Cibil Score After Personal Settlement

1: Keep a low credit utilization.

A low credit utilization ratio means you are using only a small amount of the available credit on your cards. Conversely, a high proportion of your total available credit is being used, which can harm your score. This is because it shows financial instability and/or risk-taking behavior on the borrower’s part. Here’s how to keep it low:

  • Avoid taking out too many loans at once (e.g., for car purchases). You may think that having lots of loans will increase your borrowing power and give you more options when shopping for things like cars or houses, but this isn’t true because it lowers your Cibil Score by making it look like you have tons of debt hanging over your head! You don’t want that! So if possible, only borrow what you need and pay off those debts as soon as possible after taking them out to avoid hurting yourself in any way, shape or form – especially financially speaking!

2: Close all your unnecessary credit cards

  • Close all your unnecessary credit cards
  • Make sure to start using credit cards that you do not use
  • Start using all credit cards that you have not used in the last 6 months
  • If you paid the card but can not use it, make sure to close it

3: Increase your credit history

  • Get a credit card: A new credit card will help you build your credit history and improve your CIBIL score. Check with your bank or lender to see if they have recently approved any new customers for their credit card program.
  • Apply for a personal loan: If you have been denied loans in the past, this will also count towards lowing your CIBIL score. You should not forget that settlement of an existing loan makes it easier for one to get a personal loan because lenders are likely to trust their borrowers more after settling a current debt than before it was overdue.
  • Apply for a credit card: Credit cards issued by banks can help improve your CIBIL scores since they show that the person has access to funds while showing timely repayment. Payments made on time show you are responsible enough when handling money matters online or offline (through electronic banking).

4: Get a secured credit card

  • Secured credit cards are an excellent way to build your credit score. They offer low limits and require you to deposit a certain amount of money as collateral. The deposit guarantees that you will pay the credit card bill on time, which is especially important if you have a previous delinquency record or no history of using credit cards at all.

5: Apply for multiple loans in one go

One way to improve your CIBIL score is to get a small loan, pay it off, build trust, and then ask them to give you more loans. Also, if you are planning to take a personal and a home loan, or if you are planning on getting a car loan and taking out another loan, it would be beneficial to apply for both of these simultaneously. This will help improve your CIBIL score by showing that you are responsible when taking out loans and can handle them well.

Additionally, if there’s already an existing line of credit on your name(i.e., a credit card), then applying for another may also help improve your CIBIL score. This is because it shows that it has been some time since the last time you applied for any type of credit – which indicates that all those previous applications were repaid responsibly and on time – thus increasing the chances that this new application will be approved too!

Follow these simple steps and see your CIBIL score rise.

A good CIBIL score can help you get a lower interest rate on personal loans and other financial products. If you have a bad CIBIL score because of late payments or high credit utilization, don’t worry. You can improve it in as little as 30 days by following these simple steps:

  • Pay your bills on time. A low credit utilization ratio is one of the most critical factors for improving your CIBIL score. The ratio shows how much of your available credit limit is used at any given time, so keeping this number low will show lenders that you’re not overextending yourself financially, and are likely to pay back what you owe them in full or at least make regular payments.


The most important thing is to understand how the Cibil score works and what you can do to improve it. There are many ways to achieve this, but we recommend you begin by applying for a secured credit card. This will help build up your credit history and give you more buying power.