Adore semi-permanent hair color instructions

Adore semi-permanent hair color instructions
Adore semi-permanent hair color instructions

In the market, adore is the most popular hair-dye brand. After knowing its benefits, people wonder about adore-semi-permanent hair color usage. You must use this dye according to the steps that this article describes. Acting upon these instructions is the only way to get the best results.

So, let’s jump to it!

The step-by-step process for applying adore semi permanent hair dye

  • Skin allergy test:

Before applying, you should check the skin compatibility to adore semi Permanent hair color. For this purpose, you will take an adore-hair dye little amount and apply it inside the elbow. Do this test before two days of hair coloring. Observe the skin closely to check out the side effects or skin reactions. I recommend you apply that hair dye on the hair if it does not show any reaction to the skin. Otherwise, do not get your hair destroyed by the incompatible hair dye.

Our scalp must also be compatible with the dye. Avoid using hair colors if there is a sensation or injury in the scalp because that issue may get worse by chemicals.

  • Shampoo your hair

Before applying adore semi-permanent hair color, you must clean your hair with a suitable shampoo because hair dye results best on clean hair. After shampooing, use a microfiber towel to remove extra water from the hair.

  • Hairline protection 

It is necessary to cover the skin around the hair to protect it from the dye’s side effects. That’s why using Vaseline around the hairline on the forehead, top of ears and neck, etc, protects your skin from staining. Vaseline must not get into the hair but use it wisely over the hairline.

  • Divide your hair 

After using protective hairline cream or moisture, divide your hair into 2-4 sections before applying the hair color. Now you will make four sections of your hair from forehead to nape and ear to ear. Use hair clips to hold each hair section.

  • Apply the hair dye

You will release one section and start applying to adore semi-permanent hair dye on that section. Use a color brush for this purpose. You must correctly apply the hair dye, starting from the hair root to the tip. The critical thing you must care about is covering all the hair without leaving even a single one.

For the remaining three hair sections, you will repeat the same procedure.

  • Cover the hair

Finally, after applying the color over every hair section, cover your head with a cap. Thus, when adore hair dye has covered all the sections, cover your hair with a nylon bag or shower cap.

  • Let the dye work for some period.

You have to leave this dye on your hair for some time. The question arises of how much time we should leave the semi-permanent dye on the hair.

Adore hair dye gives different kinds of shades. It depends on the time at which we let hair absorb pigments. You must provide adequate time for hair dye for its proper work. Do you want the same shade as in the picture of adoring semi-permanent hair dye?

If yes, leave it for ten minutes on your hair. It will take fifteen to twenty minutes if you want an intense shade of hair dye. You may get damaged if hair dye remains on your hair for more than twenty minutes. This happens because our hair fibers saturate, and more dye will not absorb into fibers. It results in more color loss during rinsing hair.

  • Rinse the hair thoroughly. 

After a specific time, wash your hair with clean water and see the outstanding result of adoring semi-permanent hair dye on your hair. 

You can shampoo the hair again if you want to remove the remains of the hair dye. Sulfate-free shampoo is best for removing hair dye from the scalp.

How to take care of the hair after dying?

As the name suggests, it is a semi-permanent hair dye. It means the dye color will fade gradually with every wash. We must care for it to make hair dye last longer. Otherwise, you have to renew the hair dye within a few days. Your beauty routine is responsible for the lasting time of adoring semi-permanent hair dye. Use the following tips to take care of the hair:

  • You must wait for at least seventy-two hours to shampoo your hair again. This time will let the hair dye pigments settle properly. Our dye color will fade earlier if we wash it before this time.
  • Most of the shampoos on the market contain sulfur contains chemicals. Sulfur will lighten the adore-semi-permanent hair color. You must apply the sulfate-free shampoo, and the dye color will not fade with this shampoo. 
  • Washing out again and again also leads disappearance of dye color. I recommend you wash your hair three times per week. It is the maximum number of washouts. More than three times washing per week will fade the dye color in just a few days.
  • Use cold water for washing hair because hot water can distort the hair cuticle. The dye will lose its color if the cuticle is deformed. Cold water will seal the cuticle hence protecting hair color.
  • Sun rays are also harmful to semi-permanent hair dyes. For hair dye’s better care, don’t expose the hair to the sun. You can wear sunscreen hats or scarves if you have to bring your hair to the sun. 
  • Heat utensils are also unfit for semi-permanent hair dye. The use of heat straighteners and other utensils will fade away hair color. You can protect the hair with heat protectants and moisturizers.

No need for a developer

A good thing about adore-semi-permanent hair dye is that it does not require any developer. Developers are the chemicals that can dry out hair fibers. You need these chemicals when coloring the hair permanently. The developer will penetrate the hair fibers, and the color of the hair changes completely. Semi-permanent dye doesn’t require these chemicals. It means you are not exposing the bleached hair to any other chemical. The more chemicals you use on hair, the more hair will damage. Therefore, the adore semi-permanent hair dye’s benefit is that it helps you avoid chemical usage. 

Protect your eyes from adore hair color

Some people want to change the color of their eyebrows and eyelashes. For this purpose, they can apply to adore semi-permanent hair color on these sites, which is very dangerous. You need to rinse it immediately and call the doctor if a small amount of hair dye gets into your eyes. It may result in blindness. So adore semi – permanent hair color must be used cautiously.

 The Bottom Line

Briefly, adore semi-permanent hair color is best to use to make the hair smooth and confident look. But, before its application, must follow the instructions and make your hair clean (free from any moisture or oil). Further, try every technique to make it longer and protect your hair shine, hiding it directly from sun rays.