ADORE: Semi-Permanent Hair Color Chart 4oz

ADORE: Semi-Permanent Hair Color Chart

Here are the best Adore Semi Permanent Hair Color Charts #10 Crystal Clear To #176 Ocean Blue.If you are thinking about dying your hair but are still thinking of which color to go with, look no fother. This chart will guide you in finding the color that suits you best.

Check out the color chart below

#10 – Crystal Clear#30 – Ginger#38 – Sunrise Orange#39 – Orange Blaze#46 – Spiced Amber#48 – Honey Brown#52 – French Cognac#56 – Cajun Spice#58 – Cinnamon
#68 – Crimson#69 – Wild Cherry#70 – Raging Red#76 – Copper Brown#78 – Rich Amber#82 – Pink Rose#83 – Fiesta#86 – Raspberry Twist#88 – Magenta
#104 – Sienna Brown#106 – Mahogany#107 – Mocha#110 – Darkest Brown#112 – Indigo Blue#113 – African Violet#114 – Violet Gem#116 – Purple Rage#117 – Aquamarine
#118 – Off Black#60 – Truly Red#90 – Lavender#118 – Off Black#120 Black Velvet#121 – Jet Black#130 – Blue Black#140 – Neon Pink#142 – Pink Blush
#150 – Platinum#164 – Electric Lime#165 – Clover#168 – Emerald#168 – Emerald#172 – Baby Blue#172 – Baby Blue#178 – Royal Navy#190 – Cotton Candy
#191 – Fruit Punch#192 – Pink Petal#194 – Sweet Mint#195 – Jade#196 – Sky Blue#197 – Periwinkle#158 – Mystic Gray#198 – Powder Blue#199 – Luxe Blue
#174 – Sapphire Blue#161 – Cosmic Yellow#163 – Green Apple#176 – Ocean Blue#176 – Ocean Blue#176 – Ocean Blue

Is adore hair dye permanent?

Adore is not a permanent hair dye. It is semi-permanent and is intended for the hair to wash out after a period of time, about 6 weeks or so. In this article here we show you how to use laundry bluing as an alternative hair dye. check it out for all of the details.

All Adore hair dye colors


#10 – Crystal Clear

Adore Hair Color #10 - Crystal Clear

If you’re looking for a color that will be completely invisible in your hair, then #10 is for you. This clear formula is meant to be used as a base for other colors if desired and works well on both light and dark hair. You can also use it to highlight your natural color with some of our other shades!

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#30 – Ginger

Adore Hair color #30 - Ginger

Ginger is a light brown with red undertones. It’s warm and bright, making it an excellent shade for summer or fall. You can use this color to brighten up your dark brown hair without going all the way to blonde. Get number 30 here

#38 – Sunrise Orange

Adore #38 - Sunrise Orange

This color is a bright orange with a hint of yellow. This is a very popular summer color, and many people use it on their hair at the beach. Here you will get the best price for Sunrise Orange number 38

#39 – Orange Blaze

Adore Hair color #39 - Orange Blaze

Orange Blaze is a bright, vibrant orange color that’s sure to turn heads. It’s a great option for those with medium-to-dark brown hair and can be used as a way to add dimension to your existing shade.

While this color is permanent, it will fade over time. A semi-permanent dye is recommended for touch-ups in between salon visits. On Amazon, the best place to get Orange Blaze

#46 – Spiced Amber

Adore Hair Color #46 - Spiced Amber
  • Auburn

This is a deep copper shade. Auburn hair is a warm, red-brown color. It’s a medium brown with a reddish tint. Auburn hair is a rich, warm brown color that has some red in it. You can get Spiced Amber Here.

#48 – Honey Brown

Adore Hair color #48 Honey Brown

This shade is a rich honey brown, perfect for those with medium to dark brown hair. If you don’t want to go all out with an ombre look but want to add some life to your locks, this is the color for you.

Get the Adore Hair color #48 Honey Brown On Amazon.

#52 – French Cognac

Adore Hair Color #52 French Cognac

French Cognac is a deep brown with a red tint. It is a beautiful color that is perfect for people with dark brown hair or even those with more red tones in their hair.

This color will look great on anyone who wants to try something new and adventurous! This color can be achieved by mixing 4 parts #52 French Cognac, 2 parts #51 Black Cherry, 1 part #50 Chestnut Brown and 3 drops of Green Juice. Best price for #52 French Cognac is here.

#56 – Cajun Spice

Adore Hair Color #56 Cajun Spice

Cajun Spice is a light brown with red highlights. It’s a semi-permanent color, meaning it will wash out naturally over time or you can use a shampoo to remove the color sooner if you choose. This is the perfect fall hair color for women with blonde hair that want to look like they have new highlights without having them. If you’re looking for something more subtle, this one also works great on brunettes! Best price for Adore Hair Color #56 Cajun Spice Here.

#58 – Cinnamon

Adore Hair Color #58 - Cinnamon

You will love this color if you have dark brown hair, as it will make your eyebrows pop and add a nice glow to them. If you have blonde hair, the cinnamon color will restore some of that natural shine back into your locks. If you have red hair or grey hair, then this semi-permanent color is a great choice for adding a hint of warmth to those strands!

Because it’s so versatile and natural looking, we think Cinnamon is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to add some hues but doesn’t want to go too far outside their comfort zone.

You can get the Adore Hair Color #58 – Cinnamon Here

#60 – Truly Red

adore #60 - Truly Red

Truly Red is a bright, warm red that can be used on any hair color to give it a vibrant pop of color. It’s also great for covering gray roots and keeping your hair looking shiny and healthy.

#64 – Ruby Red

adore #064 Ruby Red

Ruby Red is a deep red color that can be applied to brunettes, blondes, redheads, and gray hair. It is semi-permanent and will last 4-12 washes. For black or white hair, you can use this color all over the head if your natural hair is darker than level 7 (dark brown).

This color gives you a bright and bold look that’s perfect for those who want to change up their look without doing anything drastic! – Adore #064 Ruby Red Amazon.

#68 – Crimson

adore #68 Crimson

The vibrant crimson shade of #68 will be a welcome addition to your hair wardrobe. This color is like a deep red with purple undertones, giving it a slightly cool appearance that will look great on skin tones ranging from fair to medium. The lasting power of our semi-perm formula means that this color will last up to two months after initial application. Buy adore #68 Crimson

#69 – Wild Cherry

Adore #69 Wild Cherry

Wild Cherry is a semi-permanent hair color that will make your hair a rich, deep red. It’s a dark brown that looks very natural and not too fake. The color is intense and can be used with other colors to create highlights or lowlights in your hair.

This dye is easy to apply and the results are great! – Buy Adore #69 Wild Cherry

#70 – Raging Red

Adore #070 Raging Red
  • Color lasts up to 8 weeks
  • Just one application
  • Easy to apply with no mixing required
  • No mixing required means no mess!
  • Application brush included for easy application – Buy Adore #070 Raging Red

#76 – Copper Brown

Adore #76 Copper Brown

This is a brown with a red tint, which makes it ideal for people with dark brown hair. This color is semi-permanent, so you can use it to get different looks without damaging your hair. Copper Brown has a neutral undertones and can be used by anyone who wants to add some depth to their hair color. BUY #76 – Copper Brown

#78 – Rich Amber

Adore #78 Rich Amber

Rich Amber

Rich, dark brown with red undertones. This is the color I always get when I want to change up my look. It’s beautiful and easy to maintain! BUY #78 – Rich Amber

#82 – Pink Rose

  • Pink Rose is a light, pastel pink. It’s a good choice for those with blondes, redheads and brunettes alike.
  • The tone of the color is very subtle – it won’t overwhelm your natural hair color.
  • Pink Rose has been dubbed “the millennial pink” because it’s extremely popular with that generation! If you’re looking to add some pop to your life, this might be the color for you!
  • Buy #82 – Pink Rose

#83 – Fiesta Fuchsia

#83 - Fiesta fuchsia

Fiesta is a light, warm brown that can be used to add dimension to your hair. If you want something subtle and natural-looking, this color is perfect for you. Fiesta makes it look like the sun has kissed your tresses with its golden rays.

It’s easy to use! Just wash and dry your hair before applying the dye in sections, starting at the bottom of each section and working up towards the scalp. Leave on for 30 minutes or until dry then rinse thoroughly with warm water. BUY #83 – Fiesta

#86 – Raspberry Twist

#86 - Raspberry Twist

#88 – Magenta

#88 - Magenta

#88 – Magenta

A bright pink that is a mix of red and blue. BUY #88 – Magenta

#90 – Lavender

#90 - Lavender

Lavender is a light purple color that’s great for people with fair skin tones. The color is natural and semi-permanent, meaning it will wash out in between 10 and 20 washes—or sooner if you have oily hair. Lavender also lasts longer than other temporary dyes (up to eight weeks) so you can get more wear out of it before having to reapply. BUY #90 – Lavender

#104 – Sienna Brown

This is a dark brown color that you can use to cover up unwanted grays. It’s semi-permanent and lasts for 4 weeks, but some people have had it last even longer. BUY #104 – Sienna Brown

#106 – Mahogany

This is a great color for brunettes. It’s a dark brown that has red undertones, so if you have dark skin this will look especially nice on you. If you have light skin and green eyes, this color will also work well with your coloring. It’s a good overall choice for people who want to go darker but aren’t sure what shade to choose. BUY #106 – Mahogany

#107 – Mocha

When you think of mocha, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a chocolate-based drink. However, this shade of brownish-gray hair color is actually a popular choice for women and men with any sort of hair color.

If you want to look like your favorite celebrity but are unsure about which shade to go for, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you need to know about #107 – Mocha:

BUY #107 – Mocha

#110 – Darkest Brown

This is the darkest of all browns, and as with all shades of brown, it’s only going to cover grey hair if you use a lot of product. BUY #110 – Darkest Brown

#112 – Indigo Blue

  • Indigo blue is a popular semi-permanent hair dye for women.
  • Indigo blue is a dark, vivid blue color that adds depth and dimension to your hair.
  • Indigo blue is often used as an alternative to black or grey for men who don’t want to go fully silver.

BUY #112 – Indigo Blue

#113 – African Violet

African Violet is a dark purple hair dye that is semi-permanent. The color of African Violet may change with time, so you’ll have to reapply it every few weeks if you want to maintain your purple hair. This dye is vegan, meaning it does not contain any animal products or derivatives in its ingredients. Unlike some other brands of semi-permanent dyes, African Violet does not test on animals. These dyes are also made in the US and free of sulfates or parabens; they are also free of chemicals like DEA (or Diethanolamine).

BUY #113 – African Violet

#114 – Violet Gem

Violet Gem is a semi-permanent hair color and is a unique violet that is almost black. This shade is great for people with dark hair who want to add a little color. The Violet Gem shade will last up to 10 shampoos! BUY #114 – Violet Gem

#116 – Purple Rage

Purple Rage is a semi-permanent hair dye that offers bold color and lasting vibrancy. It provides a vibrant purple shade to light brown or dark hair. This color is rich, dark and intense, making it a great choice for people who want to make a statement with their hairstyle. BUY #116 – Purple Rage

#117 – Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a light blue that is popular for hair color. It can be used for both dark hair and blonde hair, and it looks great on redheads as well. Aquamarine is one of the most versatile colors available in the Adore semi-permanent haircolor line.

This shade works well on people with darker complexions because it brings out their skin tone while giving them an eye-catching look that stands out from other colors in the crowd. If you’re considering going with this color, make sure your skin tone is compatible with aquamarine before making a final decision! BUY #117 – Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a shade of blue-green. It is not a mineral though it does look like one, but rather it’s the color that represents the birthstone for March, which is why it’s called “aquamarine.” This light blue-green pigment can be used alone or mixed with other colors to create your own custom hair color.

It’s important to note that this product will not cover gray hair because it doesn’t contain any metallic pigments. If you want to cover gray hairs, try our Demi Permanent Hair Color instead!

BUY #117 – Aquamarine

#118 – Off Black

Off-black hair is a natural hair color. Off-black is a dark brown with red in it. It’s also known as “chocolate brown” or “cafe au lait” when referring to skin tones.

This shade is great for people who have naturally darker hair, but want to add some warmth without going completely blonde or red, which can look unnatural on darker skin tones.

Off-black can be achieved using semi-permanent hair color and does not require bleaching your natural color first—so it gives you the option of keeping your original strands intact while adding a hint of dimension elsewhere! BUY #118 – Off Black

#120 Black Velvet

Black velvet is a deep, dark black. It can be a great color for those who want to look professional, mysterious or have a secret. Black velvet gives you the option of making your hair look like it’s glowing from within when the light hits it. The texture is also very shiny, which makes it ideal for people with thick and curly hair types.

If you are looking for an edgy alternative to traditional jet-black shades that aren’t too harsh on the eyes, this shade will give you just that! BUY Black Velvet BUY #120 Black Velvet

#121 – Jet Black

Jet Black is a permanent hair color that’s perfect for those who want to achieve a dark, dramatic black shade. Jet Black is available in two different shades: light and dark. If you’re looking for something lighter than jet black, we recommend trying #120 – Dark Chocolate Brown. BUY #121 – Jet Black

#130 – Blue Black

Blue Black is a dark blue-based semi-permanent hair dye.

It’s one of the darkest shades we carry, making it ideal for adding dimension to the tips of your hair.

In addition to giving this color its namesake icy hue, Blue Black also contains a hint of purple that gives it a slightly violet tone. BUY #130 – Blue Black

#140 – Neon Pink

If you’re looking for a bright pink hue, this is a good option.

I love bright colors on my hair and I always use them as an opportunity to experiment with my style. BUY #140 – Neon Pink

#142 – Pink Blush

Pink Blush is a light pink shade that will suit almost every skin tone. It’s made with coconut oil, which makes it vegan and free from ammonia. The product is semi-permanent, so you’ll have to keep reapplying it in order to maintain the color.

This shade is gentle enough for those who are sensitive to chemicals like ammonia or PPD (another ingredient commonly used in hair dyes). BUY #142 – Pink Blush

#150 – Platinum

Platinum: a color.

Platinum is a shade of gray, not to be mistaken for silver! This color can come in many shades and tones, depending on how long your hair has been bleached out. Platinum is also the name of a metal with the atomic number 78 that can be found in nature or used in jewelry making (like gold). People with platinum blonde hair have been known to have blue eyes, which makes for an interesting combination!

BUY #150 – Platinum

#164 – Electric Lime

This color is a green that’s not too harsh, but it’s still bright. It’s the perfect color for summer, spring, fall or winter—any time you want to be a little more colorful than usual.

BUY #164 – Electric Lime

#165 – Clover

This color is the color of clover, the color of the ocean, and a green apple. It’s also the same as a green leaf or a green light or even a green traffic light. In fact, it’s just about anything that isn’t blue and yellow—and if we’re talking about semipermanent hair dye, that means this color is going to be your best friend! BUY #165 – Clover

#168 – Emerald

Emerald is a bright green that can be used on hair that is already colored. It also works on light, dark and red hair. It’s a semi-permanent dye, so it won’t leave you with an unnatural color or damage your existing hair color.

  • Bright green
  • Semi-permanent

BUY #168 – Emerald

#172 – Baby Blue

Baby Blue is a bright, medium blue. This is a great color choice if you want your hair to look like it’s been kissed by the sky or if you want to stand out at a concert as an Indigo Girls fan.

Baby Blue will be sure to make all eyes on you! BUY #172 – Baby Blue

#178 – Royal Navy

#178 – Royal Navy

This is a deep, dark blue that leans toward purple and is perfect for those who like to stand out. This color has a slight hint of gray in it, so if you’re looking for something with more depth and dimension than just one solid color, this could be the one for you! BUY #178 – Royal Navy

#186 – Rich Eggplant

Rich Eggplant

A rich purple that’s a deep, dark purple. Like the color of an eggplant. For those who like to get creative, this shade can also be mixed with other colors for an even more unique look.

If you love your hair but are looking for something new and bold, this is for you! BUY #186 – Rich Eggplant

#190 – Cotton Candy

This is a semi-permanent color that will last up to 16 shampoos. It’s made with a blend of waxes and polymers that deposit pigments into the hair shaft to create an opaque and full coverage color tone.

Color Name: Cotton Candy

Color Number: 190

Description: This is a pinkish/peachy/beige that leans toward the cooler side of things (i.e., it has more blue pigments). It’s great for anyone who wants something super soft, but still on trend! You can achieve this look by keeping your hair at its natural level or adding some layers or ombre coloring technique!

Swatches: BUY #190 – Cotton Candy

#191 – Fruit Punch

Fruit Punch is another of our red tones, but it’s a little brighter than Red Velvet. If you’re looking to add some color to your hair while keeping it natural and fresh-looking, Fruit Punch is the right choice!

BUY #191 – Fruit Punch

#192 – Pink Petal

#192 – Pink Petal

A light pink shade known for its ability to brighten up dull hair, this color is ideal for those looking for a fun summer palette. Hair will be a soft shade of pastel pink that will last up to 6 weeks with proper care. If you have darker or grayer hair, you may want to go with something more vibrant such as a cherry red or purple tone. BUY #192 – Pink Petal

#192 – Pink Petal

If you have brown hair, this color can be a great way to add some oomph to your look. It’s also a good option if you want to add some color into your life but don’t want anything too drastic. The soft lavender shade is great for people who aren’t sure which colors they prefer, because it offers just enough variation from natural brown tones without being too obvious or overpowering. BUY #193 – Soft Lavender

#194 – Sweet Mint

This color will make you feel like you’re at a spa in the woods. A delicate mint green, it’s a great choice for those days when you want to feel extra calm and cool.

If this sounds like your mood, we think you’ll love this color.

BUY #194 – Sweet Mint

#195 – Jade

Jade is a light green that suits most skin tones. It’s a semi-permanent hair color and not only does it provide you with beautiful results, but it also smells like heaven.

It’s a vegan hair dye, so it does not contain ingredients derived from animals like other dyes do. It has an easy application process and is great for people who are new to the world of coloring their hair at home (or even pros!). This product can be used on any type of hair including damaged, dry or straight strands!

BUY #195 – Jade

#196 – Sky Blue

#196 – Sky Blue

Blue is the most common hair color, and it’s one of the easiest to achieve with semi-permanent dyes. In fact, blue is probably one of the first colors you tried when you started dying your hair. Whether it was at a salon or at home, chances are that you got those vibrant shades of blue by adding highlights to already blonde or light brown hair (though there are some blues that work well on dark brown or black hair as well).

The sky blue available from AdoreMe comes in several different hues: aqua blue-violet, aqua green-blue, aqua grayish-blue, azure blue-purple and more. They’re all great for summertime because they’ll add a pop of color without being too bold—you can always amp up the intensity next time! BUY #196 – Sky Blue

#197 – Periwinkle

This semi-permanent hair color is a light sky blue with hints of periwinkle.

(Periwinkle is the color of the sky, sea and the sky and sea.) BUY #197 – Periwinkle

#158 – Mystic Gray

Mystic Gray is a semi-permanent hair color that washes out over time. It can last for up to six weeks, and it works well with any hair color. The dye has been specifically developed for use by professional stylists and salons, so if you’re looking for a solid product that will give you great results every time, Mystic Gray is what you’re looking for.

To get started with Mystic Gray:

  • Apply the dye in sections using the applicator brush provided (you’ll need around 60ml per application). Make sure each section is well coated before moving on to the next one!
  • Leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing off with shampoo. BUY #158 – Mystic Gray

#198 – Powder Blue

This color is a light blue. It’s not pure, but it’s not quite baby blue either. This is an ideal color for those who want something that looks like a true blue but aren’t sure if they’re ready to commit to the boldness of it.

This color is semi-permanent hair color, which means that while it will fade over time (about 4-6 weeks), it won’t completely wash out of your hair and leave you with nothing when you go back in for another touch up appointment with your stylist or colorist—you’ll just need to get rid of any faded areas before reapplying more dye! BUY #198 – Powder Blue

#199 – Luxe Blue

This hair color is a semi-permanent dye, meaning that it will wash out of your hair and fade away in about 12 washes. It’s also known as a blue-based purple, which means that the color has a lot of blue tones mixed with the purple.

If you want to dye your hair this shade of purple (or even just add some blue highlights), here’s what you need to know:

  • You can use any brand of semi-permanent hair dye. Just make sure it’s either violet or purple! If you’re using another brand like Manic Panic, ensure that it is not neon or pastel before buying it.
  • The color may look different on everyone because everyone’s skin tone is different so don’t expect the exact same result! BUY #199 – Luxe Blue

#174 – Sapphire Blue

#174 – Sapphire Blue

Sapphire blue is a semi-permanent dye that can be applied to hair that has been prepped with Adore’s Pre-Color Toner (sold separately). This gorgeous blue is very bright and vibrant and will look amazing on anyone who wants to try something new. If you love the idea of changing up your look without committing, then this semi-permanent color will definitely fit that bill for you. BUY #174 – Sapphire Blue

#161 – Cosmic Yellow

  • Cosmic Yellow is a bright, summery shade that’s perfect for blondes, redheads and brunettes alike.
  • This semi-permanent dye is vegan, cruelty-free and plant-based.
  • It contains no ammonia or parabens. BUY #161 – Cosmic Yellow

#163 – Green Apple

Green Apple

This is a chart of hair colors with names and descriptions.

This is a chart of hair colors with names and descriptions. This is a chart of hair colors with names and descriptions. This is a chart of hair colors with names and descriptions. BUY #163 – Green Apple

#176 – Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue is a color that we adore. It’s one of the most popular colors in interior design right now and it’s easy to see why.

We love Ocean Blue for many reasons, but mainly because it’s such a great neutral color. There’s something about this light blue shade with hints of teal that makes it feel both relaxing and energetic at the same time. We think Ocean Blue would look amazing in a beach house (or vacation property), or even in any room that needs some calming down!

If you’re having trouble deciding what colors to use for your beach wedding or summer wedding party decorating ideas, consider Ocean Blue as an option too! It’s perfect for summertime because of its softness while still remaining vibrant enough to stand out against other colors like white or grey.

BUY #176 – Ocean Blue

All the ocean blues in our collection

All the ocean blues in our collection:

  • Ocean Blue (dark)
  • Ocean Blue (light)
  • Ocean Blue (mid)
  • Ocean Blue (mid light)

Is adore hair dye damaging?

There are no harmful chemicals in Adore products.

You don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals in Adore products. They’re ammonia-free, peroxide-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free. The hair dye is also gluten-free, nut-free, and soybean oil free. It’s also vegan—no animal testing of any kind is done on their products, which means you can feel good about how all your hair color choices are ethically sourced!

Adore is a completely natural hair color that infuses each strand with a vibrant cascade of luxurious colors. Adore has a rich, creamy consistency; it smells great and has no harmful chemicals.

A Bit About Adore Beauty And The Color Blend

Brand: Adore This is a brand name for a semi-permanent hair dye, but it’s also the name of the company that makes it. This is one of several brands in this category and it has been around since 1999! Other companies include Manic Panic, Pravana Vivids, and Clairol Nice ‘N Easy to name just a few. All these brands offer a wide range of colors but each one tends to have its own unique formula as well. If you’re looking for something specific like “red” then there are many options out there; however if you prefer something else such as “blonde” then there might only be one or two brands available depending on where you live (or what type).

  • Red Hot Cinnamon: A rich auburn red that blends well with brown hair. It’s what you’d get if you mixed cinnamon and cocoa powder together and then added a few drops of water to make it into a paste.
  • Dark Brown Sugar: The shade of dark brown sugar, this color will give your hair a richer look without being too dark or too light. It’s ideal if you’re looking for an everyday color that looks good in both summer and winter weather!
  • Soft Mahogany: A medium-toned caramel brown color that’s slightly lighter than Medium Auburn but darker than Light Auburn works well on most skin tones but doesn’t show up well against very fair complexions unless applied in two different layers (one for each side). If you want something with more dimension than this one offers then try adding a little bit more reds or yellows until the desired result is achieved!

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