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Jeff Calixte, also known by his artist name Khalixx Tay was born on February 9, 1987, in Aquin, Haiti. Khalixx Tay is a Haitian rapper, singer/songwriter, blogger, and innovator. He  developed his musical skills through freestyling in his native language, Haitian Creole, during high school in The United States.  After relocating from Haiti to the US and currently residing in Toronto, Canada, he transitioned from Haitian Creole rap to English rap, singing, and  songwriting.

Khalixx Tay attended high school in Fort Myers, Florida. During his high school years, many friends encouraged him to continue with music,  recognizing his talent for creating catchy hooks and amazing lyrics. Raised by his grandparents after his parents moved to the US, Khalixx Tay reunited with his mother and three siblings at the age of 14 in Fort Myers, Florida. He lived there for about seven years  before moving to Toronto, Canada.  Khalixx Tay formed his first group, the DHB Boys, and began rapping with two friends. His debut single, “Hate’m,” quickly became a hit, sparking widespread interest. Despite facing life’s challenges and taking on various projects, Khalixx Tay persisted in his musical pursuits, driven by the life-affirming feeling that music creation brings him.

Passionate about music, Khalixx Tay’s dedication extends beyond the artistic realm. He is a serial entrepreneur with diverse skills, including proficiency in financial markets and innovative problem-solving. Notable among his creations is Albumdrip, a platform aiding musicians in selling more albums, and his brand  Ouggo, with the slogan “For the Unstoppable”; His passion for music has propelled him to learn various skills, such as website ranking and utilizing AI like Chat-GPT to its full potential.

Khalixx Tay’s  ultimate goal is to build a blog as significant as Martha Stewart’s and have his songs top the music charts, and sell numerous albums through his platform  Albumdrip. His brand, Ouggo, is making substantial moves, and he aspires to contribute knowledge and support to less fortunate children.  Influenced by artists like  Akon, Wyclef Jean, Bob Marley, King Posse, Top Adleman, and T-Pain, Khalixx Tay also draws inspiration from bloggers Pat Flynn, Neil Patel, and Martha Stewart. He handles most of his own mix and mastering, emphasizing a desire to help fans experience his songs exactly as he envisions them.

Where can you find Khalixx Tay?  You can find Khalixx Tay on his online blog,, he shares podcast episodes, discusses various topics, and provides updates on his new albums through  Albumdrip. His blog serves as a hub for fans worldwide to connect. Be sure to catch up with his activities, and engage with him through questions and discussions!  EXPLORE –